3 Top Pen Manufacturing Companies in India!


We cannot imagine our lives without pens, we begin using them as kids and their usage persists throughout our student and professional life. In this article, we will talk about leading metal pen manufacturers in India


The Quality of a pen to a large extent determines the quality of our handwriting. A good pen promotes good, hassle free and a smooth writing experience which helps in organizing our thoughts and improving our productivity.  




 Abundance of Brands:

Since pens are such indispensable commodities, there are a number of brands and manufacturers to choose from which can be daunting. Not all brands are good. They may be cheap or manufacture good looking or flashy colored pens, but these pens may not give you a smooth gliding experience of writing and may not be long lasting. 

We have, however, got you covered. Through our extensive market research and customer reviews, we have compiled a list of top metal pen manufacturers in India to help you decide which brand is the best. 

Many Uses of Pens:

Even though pens are primarily used for writing, they can be put to many other uses. What is a better gift to give than a pen. Good pens are status symbols in themselves. All professionals should carry good pens with them at all times, should they have to write reports, make notes or give signatures on the go. 

Pens are also an elegant promotional tool, especially when it comes to promoting your brand and projecting its image as serious and professional. Custom promotional pens, therefore, have an added function of amplifying the brand’s reach and advertisement at the fraction of the normal cost. Such form of promotion is more effective and promotes goodwill and adds to the brand value.

Top Pen Manufacturing Brands:

  1. Arihant Pens: A new addition to the world of pens, this brand is an innovation. It is skillfully crafted with advanced writing technology. Its body and nib is fashioned in an aesthetically pleasing manner, in a way that facilitates grip while writing. Writing with these pens is a smooth experience where the nib seems to seamlessly glide over the paper, giving a satisfactory and an enjoyable writing experience. A major calling card of this brand is that it offers to make high quality custom promotional pens which is an added bonus. 

  2. Perfect Pens: Established in 1994, this brand has more than 25 years of manufacturing experience. It aims at providing a consistent quality and does regular quality control checks throughout the process of manufacturing. The limitation of this brand is that even though it has a reach, experience and goodwill, its products are not as technologically advanced. Instead of using newer innovative technology, it continues to rely on its initial quality and maintains it. 

  3. Global Pen Impex: This brand was established in 2015 and it is a relatively recent brand.  One can get wholesale orders for cheap and the pens are quite affordable. However, it only offers a single type of pen, there is a noticeable lack of variety.

Based on our research, we would recommend Arihant Pens as it combines quality with innovation.


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